Titan Roof Protection Membrane

We are the NZ Agents & Certified Applicators of the Titan Roof Protection Membrane. It is designed to prevent leaks. Our clients tell us, "It’s not a case of 'if they will leak', it’s a 'case of when’.” And when they do, that’s where we come in. This revolutionary TITAN Roof Protection Membrane is a high performance synthetic rubber based membrane that cures into a tough, elastic film able to withstand severe expansion, contraction and movement. It sticks to anything on your roof, including EPDM Rubber, Alloy, Steel, Fiberglass, Plastic and most sealants.

As a consequence, it:

  • 10 Year back to base guarantee
  • Waterproofs
  • Insulates
  • Offers long term UV protection
  • Won't crack like paint

It’s recommended for Caravans, Campers, Fifth Wheelers, RV's, Horse trucks & Motor homes. TITAN is suitable for all types of roofs new and old. Best of all, it’s guaranteed for 10 years!

Prevention is cheaper than the cost of repairs! - Bruce McPherson