You may be spotting a theme with what we do. Gas is no exception. When it comes to the gas in your motorhome, we do everything! There are Gas Regulations that cover the safe installation and use of gas appliances. Lifestyle Motorhomes has their own registered gas fitters to install new or modify your existing gas installation. Most of our customers are unaware that gas appliances are only allowed to be repaired or serviced by a registered person. If the gas line has been worked on in your RV or an appliance has been replaced you now require a Gas Certificate for your complete system.

Gas regulations are essential, there are safety issues to consider.

For example:

  • Flame failure protection on gas cookers. We believe flame-failure protection is essential. If the flame goes out on a gas appliance in your vehicle, the gas would continue to flow and potentially fill the room. Flame-failure protection is designed to either shut the gas off or automatically reignite the flame. We’re finding that many overseas cookers and many imported buses and RV's do not have this device. It is now a regulation.


  • All gas lines must be copper, you are only allowed 600mm of flexible gas hose. (Where the regulator hooks onto the bottle).


  • Most vehicles use two gas bottles but we see an increasing number (especially USA vehicles) that have a built in gas tank. We send these away to be certified, which is required to be done every 5 years. Because of this hassle, our customers often have us replace them for 2 gas bottles which they find more convenient.

Thought to remember - Your Water Heater, your Air Heater and your Fridge will operate and burn more efficiently on gas, plus last longer if you call in for a general clean out and service from time to time.