Guess what, when it comes to the plumbing in your RV, we do everything!

Fully self-contained is the goal. This allows you to park up anywhere and everywhere. When you become a member of the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association (NZMCA) There are strict regulations and guide lines about what it means to be self contained and how it is assessed. Most vehicles imported to New Zealand don’t comply; we modify them for you to get them up to NZ Standard.
We offer several alternatives for Self Containment, depending on your needs and budget:

Water Tank Options

  • 1 - Roll away fresh and grey water tanks
  • 2 - Built in fresh water tank and roll away grey tank
  • 3 - Built in grey and fresh water tanks

Toilet Options

  • 1 - Portable toilet
  • ,2 - Cassette toilet
  •  3 - Black tank
  •  4 - Porcelain or plastic toilet bowl

Over recent years, requirements of our customers have changed and now, 90% use a 12v pump, which requires a battery to be installed! This also opens up loads of other option for you regarding Freedom Camping, showers, lighting and don't for get about keeping the wine and beer chilled. We install, refurbish and repair all RV, campervan and caravan plumbing systems. We make everything comply with the NZMCA regulations and standards in NZ for Self Containment, so you’ll never have any issue utilizing the many Park Over Properties scattered around NZ, all for your enjoyment. These have been set up through your NZMCA just for YOU.

So come and visit Lifestyle Motorhomes to get your Self Containment setup for the first time or if your four years is up, call in for a renewal inspection and certificate.